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Suite Pretty Cure

Suite Pretty Cure♪ (スイートプリキュア♪ Suīto Purikyua♪; also known as Suite PreCure) is the my most favorite Pretty Cure series by Toei Animation, premiered on February 6, 2011. This series' theme is related to music.

Mephisto, the ruler of Minor Land, threatens the world by spreading the Melody of  Sorrow throughout the human world. He is also after a powerful item called the Legendary Score, in which the Melody of Happiness is written. The Fairy of Songs, Hummy is sent to the human world to search for the new Pretty Cures to stand up against Mephisto and collect the scattered notes of the Melody of Happiness. 

The two chosen Pretty Cures are Hibiki Houjou and Kanade Minamino, two friends who grew up together in Kanon Town. Very different in their personalities, they share one thing in common: A connection to music. No matter how different they are or how much their differences cause them to quarrel, they both continue to share loving hearts. One day they meet Hummy, who comes from Major Land. They have to instantly transform into Pretty Cures to resist the threats and evil music from Mephisto. Can they stop the Melody of Sorrow from disrupting their peaceful town, and can their warped friendship measure up to the bonds of Pretty Cure?

Pretty Cures
Hibiki Houjou (北条 響 Hōjō Hibiki)
Seiyuu: Ami Koshimizu
Family: Dan Houjou (father), Maria Houjou (mother)
A sporty girl who has a cheerful personality. She excels at sports, an expert on soccer, but is very bad at studying. She also loves to eat sweet things, in particular the cakes from Kanade's family's shop. Her catchphrase is, "If I don't finish now, girls like me will be obsolete! (ここで決めなきゃ女がすたる!Koko de kimenakya onna ga sutaru!)"
Super hibiki.png
Her alter ego is Cure Melody (キュアメロディ Kyua Merodi). She use Dory to transform and Miry to summon Miracle Belltier. She introduces herself as "Playing the wild tune, Cure Melody!" (爪弾くは荒ぶる調! キュアメロディ! Tsumabiku wa araburu shirabe, Kyua Merodi!)
Kanade Minamino (南野 奏 Minamino Kanade)
Birthday: May 25
Seiyuu: Fumiko Orikasa
Family: Sousuke Minamino (father), Misora Minamino (mother), Souta Minamino (younger brother)
Hibiki's childhood friend. Kanade is a excellent student, but she is not really good at sports. Her excellent grades and personality make her sort of a celebrity in her school. She dreams of being a pastry chef and take over her parents' shop, the Lucky Spoon. She also has a strong love for cats (including Hummy), and is an unequaled "paw fanatic." Her catchphrase is, "I'll show you my awesome recipe! (気合のレシピみせてあげるわ!Kiai no reshipi misete ageru wa!)"

Her alter ego is Cure Rhythm (キュアリズム Kyua Rizumu). She use Rery to transform and Fary to summon Fantasic Belltier. She introduces herself as "Playing the tranquil tune, Cure Rhythm!" (爪弾くはたおやかな調!キュアリズム! Tsumabiku wa taoyaka na shirabe, Kyua Rizumu!)
Siren (セ イレーン Seirēn) / Ellen Kurokawa (エレン Kurokawa Eren) / Cure Beat (キュアビート Kyua Bīto)
Seiyuu: Megumi Toyoguchi
Seiren is a female Cat-like "Fairy of Songs" and Mephisto's assistant. Although she was born in Major Land and is friends with Hummy, when her title of the annual singer of the "Melody of Happiness" was given to Hummy instead, she got jealous and asked to be Mephisto's right-hand. But in truth, she was manipulated by Mephisto so he could get the Legendary Score in the first place. As Siren, she has powerful abilities and can create Negatones using her dark powers. She can also use her powers to disguise herself into any being she wishes. As Ellen, she has shown to be a strong fighter and is able to materialize notes and use them as projectiles. Currently she is now lives alone in the flat and fears with crab and ghosts. Her catchphrase is "The heart's beat will never stop! (心のビートはもう止められないわ! Kokoro no bīto wa mou tomerarenai wa!)"

Her potential of being a Pretty Cure was awakened when she realizes her true friendship for Hummy, as it breaks away the mind control Mephisto did to her and saved Hummy. This triggers her transformation into the Pretty Cure of Miracles, Cure Beat. But as exchange, her necklaces shatters and trapping her in human form.

Her alter ego is Cure Beat, she use Lary to transform and Solry to summon Love Guitar Rod. She introduces herself as "Playing the Soulful Tune, Cure Beat!" (爪弾く魂の調!キュアビート! Tsumabiku wa Tamashī no Shirabe, Kyua Bīto!)

Ako Shirabe (調辺 アコ Shirabe Ako) / Cure Muse (キュアミューズ Kyua Myūzu)
Seiyuu: Rumi Ōkubo
Ako is a student in Public Kanon Elementary, who is in the same class as Kanade's little brother, Souta. She is very mature for her age, but also very cold and not above handing out lectures to her elders, particularly towards Hibiki and Kanade. Unbeknownst to the Pretty Cures, she had masked herself as a mysterious fighter named Cure Muse who aids them using colorful piano keys to form barriers and restraints. She often assists the Pretty Cures if they are trapped, but leaves them to finish off the Negatones. She hid her status under the mask and didn't speak, as her Fairy Tone partner, Dodory, did all the talking. She often declared that she won't partner herself with the Cures until the time was right.
During Episode 35, she reveals herself to be Major Land's princess, the daughter of Aphrodite and Mephisto. After her father went missing, she came to Kanon Town and lives with her grandfather, Otokichi to investigate the truth, and her potential of Pretty Cure was awakend in the same time. 

Her alter ego is Cure Muse. In her masked form, her theme color is black, and in her true form, her theme color is yellow, and her Fairy Tone is Dodory. She use Tiry and Cure Module to attack instead of using Belltier like previous Cure. She introduces herself as "Playing the goddess' tune, Cure Muse!" (爪弾くは女神の調べ!キュアミューズ! Tsumabiku wa megami no shirabe, Kyua Myūzu!)
Before the real designs of Cure Beat and true form of Cure Muse appears, in the leaked scans they have previous designs. I think Toei want to make fun on this trivia. Here we are:
  • Cure Beat (キュアビートKyua Bīto) - Having dark and light blue as her theme color. From her hair style, her real identity is Waon Nishijima, Hibiki's sport teammate. But, Toei confirmed that she is Siren/ Ellen Kurokawa (see below, due for 2011 earthquake in Japan?).
  • Cure Symphony (キュアシンフォニー Kyua Shinfonī) -   Having dark and light purple as her theme color. From the info I got, her real identity was Seika Higashiyama, the Queen of Sweets. But the strong candidates are Cure Muse, because her Fairy Tone, Dodory, is purple in color, but the fourth Cure name is officially confirms Cure Muse instead of Symphony (see above).

Hummy (ハ ミィ Hamyi)
Seiyuu: Kotono Mitsuishi / REMI (young Hummy)
Female cat-like Fairy of Songs, and the partner of both Hibiki and Kanade. She is the annual singer of the Melody of Happiness. Hummy is sent to the human world to search and collect the scattered notes of the Melody of Happiness until she met both Hibiki and Kanade. Has an ability to summon seven Fairy Tones (excluding Dodory), detecting Pretty Cure's hearts, also she is able to purify the scattered note when Cure Melody, Cure Rhythm or Cure Beat use Belltier attack, and received the lost items by clapping. She ends up her sentence with "Meow (ニャ Nya)".

Minor Land
Photo 78
Mephisto (メフィスト Mefisuto)
Seiyuu: Kenyu Horiuchi
The former King of the nation Minor Land. He attempts to make the Melody of Happiness into the Melody of Sorrow to turn all worlds tragic, and to fulfill his taste of music. Mephisto has the power to brainwash others into doing his bidding using headphones that sound the Noise of Evil, but later it turns out that Mephisto is a victim of the Noise of Evil himself, who was Aphrodite's husband, the prince consort of Major Land, but after being ambushed and controlled by Noise when he went to retrieve the Hearing Chest in the cursed forest, he established Minor Land. In Episode 36, Ako manages to defeat the evil in his heart and return him back to normal. Mephisto tends to gush about Ako.

Photo 118
Bassdrum (バスドラ Basudora) (green), Baritone (バ リトン Bariton) (blue), and Falsetto (ファ ルセット Farusetto)  (pink)
Seiyuu: Atsushi Ono (Bassdrum), Yohei Obayashi (Baritone), Tooru Nara (Falsetto)
The ministers of Mephisto and the chorus Trio the Minor (トリオ・ザ・マイナー Torio za Mainā), who work with Siren. They always together and sing in unison rather than speak individually. Sometimes they can separately and one of them can make the scattered notes into Negatone. Later in Episode 11, Bassdrum becomes the leader after Siren fired from her position as a leader. They always collect a lot of Notes in order to become a leader. In Episode 26, they received powerups by using earphones with evil noise to receive upgraded forms (bottom) to find notes easier before Pretty Cure does and powerup the Negatone.
Photo 61Photo 63
Starting from the end of Episode 36, Falsetto becomes the leader because Mephisto turns good and powerup Bassdrum and Baritone again into beast in beginning of Episode 37.
Negatone (ネガトーン Negatōn)
The Negatones are the series' monsters of the week. These are created from a scattered note inside an item through Siren's or one of Trio the Minor powers. Only Pretty Cure can purified and makes Negatone to sleep and return to scattered note, while the items is keep in a good condition.
Photo 73
Noise (ノイーズ Noīzu) / Little P (ピーちゃん Pī-chan)
Noise is a powerful evil demon and the main antagonist of the series. He is the one responsible for turning Mephisto evil as his powers can brainwash everyone who hears his song. Otokichi was once able to seal it away inside a fossil, however, Falsetto is trying to revive him by playing the Melody of Sorrow to draw energy from those who fall into sorrow listening to it. He is sort of like a dragon. After it breaks free from the seal upon hearing an incomplete Melody of Sorrow, it assumes a weird bird form, which Ako named Pii-chan, and used this form to get close to the Cures and steal their Notes. However, he was soon discovered to be Noise after he attempted to attack Otokichi and it's proven true thanks to Hibiki.

Aphrodite (アフロディテ Afurodite)
Seiyuu: Noriko Hidaka
The queen of the nation "Major Land" and Ako's mother. She is also Otokichi's daughter who hosts the anniversary of the Melody of Happiness to pray for the peace of all worlds but is forced to scatter the Notes to protect them from Mephisto. She asked Hummy to go to the human world in search of people who can become Pretty Cures to collect the scattered notes.

Fairy Tones (フェアリートーン Fearī Tōn)
Seiyuu: Mayu Kudou (8 Fairy Tones), Kumiko Nishihara (Cresendo)
This eight special jewel-like creatures lend their powers to Pretty Cure in different ways by inserting them into their Brooches. They are also in charge of collecting the scattered notes of the Melody of Happiness. The Fairy Tone's names are based on the Solfège scale. Can produce any sound and all addressing themselves as  Boku ( I; the common pronouns for young boys, tomboyish girl,or children) except Crescendo who use Watashi (わたし I; the more feminine word). 

Hummy can only summon seven of them, the eighth Fairy Tone is held by a Cure Muse. This table below shows you what color, what their name comes from, and the ability they have.
(ドリー, Dorī)
  • Transformation into Cure Melody. 
  • Its name comes to Dream (In Japanese, Dream reads as リーム Dorīmu). Hummy explains its power after Hibiki plays Ocarina with Cure Module and heals Hibiki's heart in Episode 5.
  • When its inserted in Miracle Belltier with Miry, Cure Melody can cast an attack Miracle Heart Arpeggio and Music Rondo Super Quartet.
(レリー, Rerī)
  • Transformation into Cure Rhythm. 
  • The name comes to Legend (In Japanese, Legend reads as ジェンドRegendo)
  • When it's inserted in Cure Module, it gives the player the willpower to get on.
  • When its inserted in Fantastic Belltier with Fary, Cure Rhythm can cast Fantasic Piachere and Music Rondo Super Quartet.
(ミリー, Mirī)
  • Gives Cure Melody the Miracle Belltier, which she can cast Music Rondo
  • Its name comes from Miracle (ラクル Mirakuru in Japanese reading)
(ファリー, Farī)
  • Gives Cure Rhythm the Fantastic Belltier, which she can cast Music Rondo
  • Its name comes from Fantastic (ファンタスティックFantasikku in Japanese reading)
  • In Episode 16, its arm are shorter than other Fairy Tones.
  • Naive, likes to show his pride.
(ソリー Sorī)
  • Gives Cure Beat Love Guitar Rod, which she can use Heartful Beat Rock in Soul Rod.
  • When it's inserted in Cure Module, it gives the player boost of power.
  • Its name comes from Soul (ウル Souru in Japanese reading)
(ラリー Rarī)
  • Transformation into Cure Beat.
  • Its name comes from Love ( Rabu in Japanese reading) 
  • When it's inserted to Love Guitar Rod, Cure Beat can use Beat Sonic and Beat Barrier.
(シリー Shirī)
  • It's name comes from Shine (シャイン Shain in Japanese reading)
  • When it's blowed in Cure Module, Cure Muse can use Shining Circle and Sparkling Shower.
(ドドリ Dodorī)
  • Held by Cure Muse.
  • Speaks what Cure Muse wants and tell her real feeling.
  • Like Dodory, its name also comes to Dream (In Japanese, Dream reads as リーム Dorīmu).
  • Transformation into Cure Muse.
  • Its eye pupil have the star-like shape than regular circles.
(クレッシェンド Kureshendo)
  • The Fairy of All Sounds, a creator of the other Fairy Tones.
  • Can be summoned by scanning the hand into the Hearing Chest.
  • Has an ability to heal the weakened Fairy Tones.
  • Starts communicating telepathically with Hibiki following an incident where the Fairy Tones' Notes get stolen in Episode 26.
  • Enables Cure Melody into her upgraded form in the movie, Crescendo Cure Melody.
  • Can be used to perform Suite Session Ensemble (Crescendo with Cure Muse).
Thanks to Pretty Cure Wikia and Wikipedia for this info! And thanks again for livejournal for the picture!

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