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Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar

Moon: Grand Bazaar
Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar is a Harvest Moon game realesed in Japan December 18 2008 by Marvelous, in US August 24 2011 by Natsume, and Europe will release it later on September 30 2011 by Rising Star. This game, which is also named as Ranch Story: Welcome! to Wind's Bazaar (牧場物語 ようこそ!風のバザールへ Bokujō Monogatari: Yōkoso! Kaze no Bazaar he) in Japan, is the nineteenth game in the Harvest Moon series and the fifth game in the Harvest Moon DS series for the Nintendo DS.

Zephyr Town once had a world famous bazaar, where shoppers from distant lands would gather to purchase goods from the town's bazaar stands. Unfortunately the bazaar from yesteryear has now fallen into despair, and very few visitors now a days come to the weekly gathering. You have recently moved to Zephyr Town to take over the run down farm on the outskirts of town, and hopefully with your hard work and efforts, the town's bazaar can be revitalized and become grand once again.

This game features a drastic change. Here we go to the features:

Harvesting some crops 
First the crops. You can buy seeds from Raul's shop in Zephyr Town and at Chen's, Felix's, Sherry's and Raul's bazaar booths, but it's all random. In this game, this will features fertilizer, which can raise the star quality of the crops and fruit. But watch out! If you step the crops in Run Mode, it will decrease the star quality! New in here too, every 10 hours you water your crops, it will dry out, so you can water it again to fasten the growth rate (except trees, you don't need to water it).

 bazaar tutorial
Next, the bazaar. Every Saturday or Sunday (if on Saturday has a festival or someone's birthday), there is a bazaar hold by Felix, the mayor. You can participate in the bazaar if you want to, whether you go to purchase items from other vendors or you go to sell your own items. The bazaar opens at 10:00 am and closes at 7:00 pm. Then, in next morning, you will given a choice to go to the bazaar result, where Felix announce the top 3 profit winners who met (or exceeded) the bazaar's profit goal and the bazaar stands had the highest reputation; this is earned by selecting the appropriate answer when you talk with question-customers.

Brushing a 
 the eggsHerding livestock back into the barn
Then, the animals. You can buy the cows, sheeps, and chickens by Enrique's stall. You can buy baby chickens, baby cows, and baby sheep from Enrique at the bazaar. Once you buy the baby-version, the adult sized animal will be unlocked at the next bazaar. But, you cannot sell them back to Enrique. Starting Year 3, Enrique will start to have updated version. Jersey Cow, Sullfolk Sheep, and Silkie Chicken will produce different produce. Unlike animals, pets (dogs and cats) will take the animals outside. Now you can have 5 dogs and 5 cats. You will able to buy dogs if you have 4 Cows and Sheep, while you can buy cats if you have 4 Chickens. Horse is the pet that you can get on summer of the second year. You can choose one of the 4 types of horse! Oh, and one last thing, you must feed all of them or your friendship will drop!

The fermenting windmill 
Next is a windmill. The windmills are used for making various items but they are not functioning correctly when you begin your game. Isaac and Wilbur will work on repairing the windmills. When each one is complete, Isaac will stop by your house in the morning and let you know.Windmill 1 is on your farm which it is used for fermenting items and you can use it starting on Spring 23 of your first year. Next, Windmill 2 is next to the hotel which it is used for manufacturing jewelry, balls of wool, and upgrading your tools, you can used in Summer 17 of your first year. Lastly, Windmill 3 is west of Lloyd's house in the Waterfall area, which is used for grinding crops back into seeds, flowers into perfume, making flour, and so on, its unlocked on Fall 20 of your first year. You can choose the items you want to make if you have enough ingredients. Once you ready, you can blow on your MIC to fasten the time. You can also put the Wonderful Stones bought by Diego which have different abilities for windmill.

Flower FestivalTea
 Festival Enjoying the Wine FestivalSnowboard Festival
Lastly for my review is festival. There are many festivals and the new ones are Flower Festival, Tea Party, Wine Festival and Snowboard Contest. Cooking Festival was break off into Main Course and Desert. Horse Race is back since FoMT. Animal and Pet Festival are changed into races. Flower Festival is a festival where you must give flowers to villagers as much as you can. Tea Party and Wine Festival is the same, the only difference is you must give a tea to Felix in Tea Party while you must give a wine in Wine Festival, and the rewards are different too. In Snowboard Contest, you must get the fastest than the specified time.

There are more features and you can get more info on this website:
Okay, see you on my next review!

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