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MahouTsukai Pretty Cure!

Loves witches and gemstones? Then MahouTsukai Pretty Cure is the best choice for you as the newest Pretty Cure series! 5 days ago the first episode has already aired and you may find the first battle boring compared to GoPri, but story-wise it's excellent. Let's surf through the infos, shall we?

Note: This logo is from when the series is announced and I prefer this logo better than the final and official version. However, I would prefer if the staff announce it as 'Magic User Pretty Cure!' better than the official translation 'Maho Girls PreCure!' to fit the meaning better.


Mirai Asahina, a soon-to-be student in junior high, witnesses an object fall from the sky one night during spring break. Excitedly exclaiming that it could be a witch, Mirai sets off the next morning with her beloved toy teddy bear Moflun to search the park. At the park, Mirai witnesses a girl soaring through the air on a broom. Excited and curious, Mirai barrages the girl with questions. The young witch introduces herself as Rico and explains that she's come to the "No Magic" World to search for certain objects. The two girls notice that they're wearing similar pendants. Meanwhile, Batty, a companion of Dokuroxy the Witch of Darkness, appears in front of Mirai and Rico! Batty demands that Rico hand over the "Linkle Stone Emerald", which Rico herself had been looking for. To make things worse, Batty uses dark magic to create a monster known as a Yokubaru! Mirai, Rico, and Mofulun join hands. With the magic words "Cure Up Rapapa!", their pendants shines a magical light over them! The legendary witches "Pretty Cure" are born!


Pretty Cure

See Pink and Purple Heroines for more info about Mirai/Miracle and Rico/Magical.


Moflun (モフルン Mofurun)
Seiyuu: Ayaka Saitou 
Moflun is a toy teddy bear Mirai received from her grandmother, Kanoko when she was a little girl. Being extremely important to her, Moflun goes everywhere with Mirai. When Mirai and Riko became Pretty Cure, Moflun gained the miraculous ability to talk! He is able to have a good sense at magic. He ends his phrases with "~mofu".

Ha-chan (はーちゃん Hā-chan)
Seiyuu: Saori Hayami
Ha-chan is a mysterious baby like fairy who lives within the Linkle Smartphone.


Dokuroxy (ドクロクシー Dokurokushī)
The witch of darkness who seeks the "Linkle Stone Emerald" to plunge the world into darkness. She is a witch shrouded in mystery.

Batty (バッティ Batti)
Seiyuu: Kouji Yusa 
A bat like man underling created by Dokuroxy. He encounters the Pretty Cure when he searches for the "Linkle Stone Emerald". Always a polite gentleman, but he will do what it takes to obtain the "Linkle Stone Emerald".

Spalda (スパルダ Suparuda)
Another underling created by Dokuroxy who is a spider like woman. She is a tactician who sets traps to lure the Pretty Cure to search for the "Linkle Stone Emerald".

Gamets (ガメッツ Gamettsu)
One of Dokuroxy's created underlings who is a turtle soldier like man. Even though he seeks the "Linkle Stone Emerald" for Dokuroxy, he's more fired up to beat up the Pretty Cure as a dignified soldier.

Yamoh (ヤモー Yamō)
Dokuroxy's right hand gecko like man who she created. As only he is able to sense Dokuroxy's will, he's the one who sends out Batty, Spalda, and Gamets. He finds out where the "Linkle Stones" are through divination.

Yokubal (ヨクバール Yokubāru)
Seiyuu: Takahiro Shimada
The monsters for this season who are made by dark magic.

Other characters

Kyoko Asahina (朝日奈今日子 Asahina Kyōko)
Seiyuu: Yūko Katō 
Mirai's mother.
Kanoko Yuki (結希かの子 Yūki Kanoko)
Seiyuu: Kotoe Taichi
Mirai's grandmother, who gave her Moflun.

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